Braveheart May 2018

braveheart may 2018 - Ardene House

Ayra is a Beautiful 7 month old Weimaraner and has been awarded with May 2018 Braveheart Award.  Ayra has been very brave throughout her ongoing treatment for a wound to her foot caused by being hit by a car.

Ayra suffered what is called a degloving injury to her right hind foot after being hit by a car one evening; this is when the skin is pulled off her foot. Luckily no bones were broken. Over the following 6 weeks she underwent intensive treatment to help her foot heal; this included cleaning the wound, stitching the wound, laser treatment to the wound twice a week and regular bandages to help it heal.

Ayra is doing really well and is back to her normal self and her foot is almost completely healed. We have made a video to show Ayra’s progress which you can find it on our Facebook page.

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