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Sheep Mastitis Awareness Meeting

Ardene House Flock Health Club invites you to Sheep Mastitis Awareness Meeting On 15th February 2019 at Ardene House Vet Practice Ltd, Kingswells,Aberdeen, AB15 8PJ...


MANAGEMENT AT LAMBING Friday 8th of February 2019 9.30am - 3.30pm Ardene House Veterinary Hospital Kingswells Aberdeen AB15 8PJ Tutors: Jim Marr and Andrew Millar...

Braveheart October 18

Chloe, a 10 year old Labrador, has been awarded our October Braveheart.

 Chloe has been a very regular visitor with her mum since May when...

Sheep Parasite Forecast October 2018

Sheep Parasite forecast October 2018 Download the PDF here

Farm Impress Leaflet

Ardene House Vet Practice has a contract with Farmvet Systems Ltd to enable both you as our clients and the farm vets to use FarmImpress...

Flock Health Club – Sheep Parasitology

Free meeting for all sheep farmer clients of Ardene House regarding sheep parasitology Internal Parasite Update Forecasts Deworming Programmes Guest Speaker: Mr Douglas Palmer, Vet...

Fluke Forecast July 2018

Download the fluke forecast for July 2018 Here

Shockwave Therapy

Ardene House have a top of the range NeoVet Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) device.  This device is the first and only Shockwave system to have...

Braveheart June 2018

This month we have selected Wilsie for our Braveheart Award Wilsie is a 3 year old French bulldog She has been awarded with this month’s...

Monthly NADIS Reports July

Download the monthly reports for July 2018 Cattle Parasite Report Sheep Parasite Report

Braveheart May 2018

Ayra is a Beautiful 7 month old Weimaraner and has been awarded with May 2018 Braveheart Award.  Ayra has been very brave throughout her ongoing treatment...

Monthly NADIS Reports June

Download the monthly reports for June 2018 Cattle Parasite Forecast Sheep Parasite Forecast