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Flock Health Club

Flock Health Club

Ardene House is proud to offer membership to our Flock Health Club to any and all clients with sheep, no matter if you have 1 sheep or 1000! By joining, you will get discounted benefits to maximise the health of your flock.

Membership fee for one year is £80.


  • Up to 3 pooled faecal worm egg counts from 10 lambs for gut worms
  • Blood samples from 6 aborted/barren unvaccinated ewes for EAE and Toxoplasmosis 1 to 3 months post lambing (subsidized by CEVA/MSD)
  • Physical examination of tups
  • Up to 15 blood samples for trace minerals of lambs and ewes: 5 samples per group. Assesses ewes pre tupping and growth in lambs.
  • Blood sample of 5 lambs for liver fluke antibodies
  • Pooled faecal sedimentation from 10 sheep >1 year old for liver fluke eggs
Pre Lambing
  • Trace mineral and metabolic profile sampling of ewes pre lambing: 5 from ewes scanned for singles, 5 for twins, and 5 for triplets
  • NADIS parasite control planner

Timings will be set during the flock health plan meeting to fit with your flock calendar.

Visit fee, blood sampling and worm egg counts at Ardene House Vet Practice are all included in the cost of the health plan.

Any laboratory testing that is required to be sent to SAC/SRUC will be charged (fluke antibodies, trace mineral and metabolic profiles)

Free Attendance to any farmer meetings and free Annual Flock Health Plan

Cost of £80 plus VAT per year.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please call the large animal office to speak to one of our farm vets (01224 740700) or email

Thank you
Ardene House Vet Practice Ltd Farm Team